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Drug abuse among teens is at an all-time high especially among Massachusetts youth . It’s essential to have a conversation about the pressures and experiences teens are having. Either you or one of your friends have been placed in a situation where you’ve had to decide whether or not to use an illegal drug.


As a first step, it’s courageous that you’ve come to this website and you’re reading this today. You may be here because you or one of your friends are having a problem with addiction.


The fact is you can’t avoid the influence of illegal drugs coming into your life at some point as you go through your teenage years. The purpose of Massachusetts Against Teen Drug Abuse is to start a dialogue about these pressures, explore the situations that might arise, and help formulate a plan to overcome and avoid the consequences of becoming addicted to illegal substances.


Throughout this important discussion we’ll look at topics covering:


  1. Experimentation
  2. The Danger Of Using Just Once
  3. The Hidden Influences
  4. What The Dealers Don’t Tell You
  5. Why It’s Important To Talk To Your Parents
  6. Considerations Your A Parent
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Trendy And Dangerous Youth Drugs

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