How to handle a situation with a drug dealer or friend offers you drugs


If you are in a situation where someone is offering or trying to sell you illegal drugs or prescription medication the first thing to do is remove yourself from the situation. Get away from the temptation and peer pressure so you can take the time to think through what happened. The next step is to talk to an adult especially your parents or anyone who can offer adult advice and guidance.


I’m struggling with stress, depression, anxiety, etc. What do I do?


Well consider your further actions, suppose all the options that can occur and tune in only to the positive. Relax and take a deep breath, sometimes breathing alone helps to get rid of unnecessary experiences. Drink freshly squeezed juice or another favorite drink (but not alcohol!). Go for a jog or go for another favorite sport, the release of endorphins will help you to get rid of sad and obsessive thoughts. Do not be afraid to ask for help and open up to a friend, parent, brother or another close person – loving people will always support you.

What to do if the information on the internet is confusing and you’re not sure what the facts are.


After consulting with your parents who can direct you to the most trusted advice and information another resource is DrugAbuse.gov where you can get factual information from trusted and authoritative sources.


I’m  a parent, and I need help talking to my teenager


Adolescents do not like being instructed; therefore, it is necessary to incline the child to ask for advice. Communicate with him as a friend and in no case raise your tone and do not be angry with him even if he confesses to you of something that you don’t like. Otherwise, you will forever lose his trust. More tips and useful links you can find here.*