The Danger Of Using “Just Once”

Gateway Drugs

Illegal drugs have such a distinct and pervasive influence on both the body and mind that one poor judgment to just “try” something may end in addiction and the destruction of one’s life. Often teens will try a little sip of their parents’ wine or a drink at their friends’ house. Or perhaps someone will offer them Marijuana to smoke. These are both seemingly harmless substances. However, it’s important to remember that Alcohol is controlled by the U.S. Government and regulated to ensure quality and also that it doesn’t reach underage users. Furthermore, even though Marijuana is becoming a legal medical treatment in much of the country it to is regulated.

The reason being is that a teen hasn’t developed both mentally and physically so that they are ready and knowledgeable about the possible risks and dangers of both of these substances. Alcohol itself causes chemical changes in the body as well as impacting mental development. Allowing young adults to use these drugs could potentially hard their development and have repercussions for the rest of their lives.

Instant or First Time Use Addiction

The fact is, it often only requires one use of a drug to cause immediate addiction. It may not always be physical addiction that develops first. But the influence a first time “high” can have on a person especially a teen can cause instant psychological dependence. Especially if you have experienced certain negative circumstances during your life.

It’s very alluring to have a euphoric feeling that one can’t describe for the first time in one’s life. It’s so intense and addicting that many first time users simply can’t put it down ever again. Several of these drugs are so detrimental to your health that you will knowingly destroy your body or even kill yourself to enjoy the “high” one more time. Many people will leave their families, steal from them, hurt their parents or friends all just to get more of the drug.

The First Use May Be decisive

Illegal drugs can be so harmful that the first time you use can literally be the beginning of the end of your life. That’s why it is of the utmost importance to know and understand the dangers of drug use. You have to be prepared when a situation arises where someone pressures you into using because “It’ll be OK it’s just a little pot.” In reality, it could have long-lasting consequences for your life.

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