What Makes Teens Use Drugs?

Makes Teens Use Drugs

What Makes Teens Use Drugs?

Some parents really have to wonder what makes some teenagers use drugs while others never even contemplate it. Not every teen that uses drugs fits any sort of stereotype that is expected either. That means parents really need to take a look when it comes to figuring out why teens use drugs.

When it comes to teen drug abuse, multiple factors can affect this, just like with adult drug abuse. We’re going to go over some of the factors that can contribute to teen drug use so that parents can begin to understand a bit better.

What Studies Have Shown

For years there have been studies conducted across the United States. These studies have shown that teens with high stress can be likely to turn to drug use to help relax and relieve them of their stress.

Teenagers who have high-stress high school experiences are actually twice as likely to get into substance abuse. This includes drugs, drinking, and smoking.

When teens are bored they are also a whopping 50 percent more likely to try and relieve that boredom through drug use. If they don’t feel properly stimulated, then they want a way to fill their time.  So they try drugs, alcohol, and smoking.

Another factor is when teens have at least $25 spending money. They are also twice as likely to use that money to help them get drunk or high or use it on smoking or drugs.

If a teenager has two or three of the factors that apply to them, then they actually are at risk more than three times as other students to start abusing drugs.

Believe it or not more than half of the kids that are 12 to 17 in the United States are affected by this.

Teens are also starting to use drugs and alcohol at younger ages than parents even realize. The ages of 12 to 13 are most likely to be when they first start using drugs or alcohol. That can seem so young to adults who haven’t been a kid in a long time, forgetting how life can be.

Using social media can also affect whether or not a kid uses drugs or alcohol. This is because they see other kids online doing it and because teens are expected to reveal their entire lives online.

For many teens, they end up needing to go to drug and alcohol rehab. That’s because rehab is the best way to recover from substance abuse at any age. This is because a controlled environment can honestly make a difference in how that comes about especially if their friends use drugs and alcohol too.


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