What The Dealers Don’t Tell You

Why Wasn’t I told?

Mixing illegal drugs has compounded the danger of drug abuse especially among teens. Often a drug user will mix stimulants and sedatives to increase the “high”. This is a potentially deadly combination. The drug dealer will never tell a potential customer this fact.

Another situation that has fatal results is tolerance to a user’s preferred substance. As a drug user continues to abuse a drug eventually the dosage they were used to no longer gives them the desired effect.

Drugs affect the central nervous system and as the body becomes used to a drug the high is diminished.  The only recourse is for the user to take more and more of the drug progressively. This is something else the drug dealer will never disclose. The dealer profits off of addiction and has no reason to explain the risks before they sell a drug to someone, especially a teen who may be easily persuaded into using.

A Deadly Business

Unfortunately for unsuspecting “customers”, they will never be given full details on the dangers of a substance. A drug dealer depends on the user developing an addiction so the person will continually return and buy more. If the dealer can convince someone to use more than one drug on the justification, they will get “higher” they increase their profits even more.

These are distressing facts about drug addiction and the dealers who sell them.  A dealer has no remorse for the negative consequences of what might happen to a drug user. Teens must learn to discern peer pressure, drug dealer sales tactics, and the genuine concern of family and authority. Anyone who offers a drug to you is not genuinely concerned about your well being.

This can be hard for a teen to intuit and why it’s so important to have positive influences from loved ones, school administration, and law enforcement to guide them as they navigate life.

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