Why It’s Important To Talk To Parents

Our Parents Are Guiding Lights

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that our parents are our guiding lights when we’re growing up. Just like a lighthouse, your parents guide you into safe harbor like a ship in the night trying to avoid crashing against the rocky shore. Without our parents’ loving concern and desire for our safety we could make serious mistakes like taking a drug because we “thought it would be harmless.”

Our parents are here to help us. Parents aren’t always our biological parents either. Sometimes we’re raised by grandparents, adoptive parents, or other loving parental figures. The nature of a parent is to protect us from harm, to raise us so we can take every opportunity to succeed in life. They’re there to answer our questions and support us when we fail.

They’re also there to pass on their experience that they have gained over their lifetime. Your parents have been in the same situations that you have and know best how to address your questions and concerns.

Teenage Stress

You may feel like your parents don’t understand the amount of stress you are dealing with. No one can, actually, completely relate to the particular stress that you’re dealing with. However, everyone goes through stressful situations, especially during their teenage years. Parents know this stress as well, they can help with addressing your stress and other things as well as the temptation to use drugs.

You can be sure that your parents had an experience of being offered drugs, possibly taking drugs, or being in a place where drugs have impacted someone’s life. Because drug abuse has become such a problem in the United States and across the world, it’s challenging to find practically anyone who hasn’t been affected by drug abuse in some way.

Talking To Parents

Because parents have been through the same experiences as us, we shouldn’t be afraid to go to them and ask for their help. It may seem embarrassing to bring up a conversation about drugs or drug abuse.

But having a courageous conversation about something as important as drug use will gain your parents’ full attention. They will be more than willing to sit with you and listen to all your concerns with love and understanding.

Parents want to help, and they’ll be relieved that you want to have a discussion perhaps about your friend who has an addiction, or the person you know who’s offering your drugs.

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